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Charge When Ship Overview

Charge When Ship is an easy way to process orders and keep buyers informed about shipments, providing the best customer experience possible. Here's how it works:

  1. When you ship an order, you confirm the shipment and provide shipping information.
  2. We display the shipping information in the buyer's Watafufu account, and we also send the buyer an e-mail notification with all of the shipping information.
  3. As long as you confirm that the order was properly shipped, you will be paid in accordance with the Marketplace Participation Agreement. We charge the buyer after you confirm shipment (rather than when the buyer places the order), and then we credit your Marketplace Payments account. Of course, just as now, there may be circumstances where payment may later need to be refunded, for example when the buyer does not receive the order, or it is not as described.


Benefits of Charge When Ship

  • Buyers contact sellers less often if they know when and how an order was shipped. They especially appreciate tracking information. We provide the shipping details to the buyer once you ship the order and confirm the shipment through Manage Orders or a feed.
  • Informed buyers are happier buyers; happier buyers leave better feedback ratings.
  • If you are unable to ship an order, you can cancel it instead of confirming shipment; we won't charge the buyer and you won't have to issue a refund.
  • You can easily tell which orders you have not yet confirmed as shipped, and we'll also send you an e-mail reminder if an order remains unshipped past the promised ship date.

Confirm shipment within 2 days

You must confirm shipment of orders within 2 days of customers placing them. If you do not confirm shipment of an order within 2 days, we automatically cancel it. We do not charge the customer, and we do not credit your Marketplace Payments account for the order.

This means that if you ship an order but do not confirm the shipment within 2 days of the customer placing it, you will not be paid for the order.

We send notifications to you one day after the promised ship date, and 2 days after the order date, reminding you to confirm the shipment. However, timely shipment and confirmation of orders is solely your responsibility and you should not rely on receiving these notifications to manage your orders. After 2 days from the order date, if shipment has not been confirmed, we cancel the order and send you and the customer notifications to let you both know about the cancellation.

Our cancelling an order after 2 days is not meant to be a substitute for seller order management. Failing to confirm shipments (or not promptly cancelling orders you won't be shipping) can negatively impact your seller performance rating.

If you know you cannot fulfill an order, be sure to cancel it right away so we can notify the customer. It is important to show this consideration to customers so they can decide whether to find the item elsewhere. Customers who receive prompt notice of an order cancellation are also less likely to leave negative feedback for your account.

We tell the buyer

We e-mail a shipping notification to the buyer as soon as you confirm the shipment as described above. We include all of the shipping information you provide, and we also post this information in the buyer's account. We don't want buyers to receive multiple shipping notifications.