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ATTENTION customers from CANADA, It was brought to our attention that some of you have been ask by Canadian Postal Services to paid some fees to retreive your package...You shouldn't have to paid for any fees to get your package... If you experience such problem, please call our customer service center at 301-515-0780 we will make sure to take care of the situation.

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Peau Jaune Double Concentred Serum

Price: $21.99

Now only: $17.59

Lotion Cladel Double Serum

Price: $28.59

Now only: $22.34

Perfect White Lightening Oil (Face & Body)

Price: $16.99

Now only: $13.24

Perfect White Lightening Cleanser (Hands & Feet)

Price: $17.99

Now only: $15.19

Peau de Reve Lightening Lotion

Price: $27.99

Now only: $22.49

Double Concentrated Princess Eclat

Price: $26.99

Now only: $22.49

Perfect White Lightening Serum

Price: $15.99

Now only: $11.59

Opalya Lightening Glycerin

Price: $15.99

Now only: $12.79

Perfect Legs

Price: $28.99

Now only: $23.99

Fashion Fair Cream Fast (Set of 3)

Price: $17.99

Now only: $11.59

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    Thank you for the work you guys put to develop this new platform. We are very happy that finally we have a legit website where we can purchase all...

    Trivi May 21, 2013